Aug 302014
Dunkin' in the window

Dunkin’ is overseeing his territory.

Many people get off track when it comes to keeping their priorities in order. What are  your priorities? Well, if you have a spouse and children, they should be high on the list, because they are your territory. One-on-one time with family is so important.

There are many people hurrying from one supposedly important activity or deadline to the next, only to have the deadlines and activities continually cycle, and never reach a stopping point where you can rest and enjoy those who matter.

You need to watch over your territory and see that it is cared for.  If that’s where you are, consider who you are leaving behind or shutting out to make time for these other things. If it is your spouse or children, better reconsider the path you are taking.

Territories are your home-base, your  family and those that you care deeply about. Guard them and don’t allow them to be cast aside in your pursuit of things that may seem important.  Life is short. Children are grown seemingly overnight.                                                                                                               -Nealie

Are You Standing in the Shade?

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Aug 292014
Standing in the shade

Standing in the Shade

Sometimes we try to do it all ourselves, because we know how to do it best -or so we think. I know that I’m guilty of that at times.

It may be time to enlist the help of others in your difficult situation. Or it may be time to realize that you are not the only person who cares, and that your way isn’t always best.

What comes to my mind is Psalm 91. King David spoke about being under a shadow, which is shade.  The ultimate shade.                                                                                                             😎   -Nealie

Aug 282014

My Parents once paid for a bus tour that included touring an area of interest to them.  The bus made stops at different places. The passengers would all get off to see the local sights, and then return at a set time for another leg of the tour. 

Nealie Rose


After a while, the bus pulled to a stop at a casino. The doors opened, and all the passengers began to disembark. My Dad told me later that they did not want to go to a casino, and they hadn’t realized that it was on the trips’s agenda. There was no opting out, so they got off and spent three hours in a place that they would have rather not have been.

Parenting a special needs child is like that sometimes. It’s not a place you would have thought you’d visit. It’s a place where you would rather just stay on the bus and pass on that one. But it’s a place where you are. Might as well get off and make the best of it.

Life has a way of sharpening us and making us better people if we’ll just get off the bus. In more ways than one, you might even hit the jackpot.  –Nealie

Aug 272014


Birthday Letters

Birthday Letters

A dear friend used to write birthday letters to her children on their earliest birthdays. Of course, the children were too young to read what she had written, but she saved them until a time came when they could.

When the heart is full, you must write! I love the idea of capturing on paper what will be more difficult to put into words later.

This little granddaughter will be two next month.  Parents, does that make you want to pick up a pen or sit to type? I hope so.   -Nealie