Sep 302014

Student Profile Form special needsEver wished that you could sit down with the teacher at the beginning of the year and tell them everything that they will need to know about your special child? Here is a FREE form that you can download  from the National Autism Association. Just click on the blue link and you can print it. This is a valuable resource from a wonderful organization.

If the shoe doesn’t fit, then do you know someone who could benefit from this resource? Let’s help people out.   💡  Nealie

Quick Stop Tour

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Sep 292014

Pathway Caring for Children is in Canton, Ohio, and they serve neighboring counties as a foster care provider agency. They give no-obligation Quick Stop Tours  with a quick, free lunch. Consider this even if you don’t think you want to foster, because you will learn some things. Learning is good. Click on the blue link to find out more.

Remember, as I mentioned in Chasing Lilly, most children in foster care are not like her. You can accept a child that suits your family and parenting-skill level. These kids need a break, so please consider being the one to change a life for the better! Do you know anyone who might be interested?   💡  -Nealie

Sep 262014

Volcanoes (age 4-10)   Try it this weekend!                                                                                                      Volcano picture    First, get out the Play-Dough and let the kids have their normal fun with it. When they begin to wind down, have them make mountains out of some of the dough. (It will have to be tossed out when you are done.) Place the mountains on a tray to catch the “lava.”

Pour baking soda into the hollow place.

Add vinegar, and watch it overflow. Give them some soda and vinegar to try it a few more times.

I’ve done this with two grandchildren about half a dozen times, and it is still requested when the Play-Dough comes out of the cupboard.

It’s not much trouble, and the kids really like it. Have a great weekend! -Nealie


40 Pounds

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Sep 252014

40 poundsI was at the store today to purchase kitty litter and decided on buying a bigger box to save money. Or rather, a heavier box, as litter comes by weight. As I went to pick up the not-so-big box from the shelf, I was surprised how heavy it was. Then I saw the 40 pound label.

Normally, I can easily lift something larger that weighs forty pounds, so I was surprised how difficult it was to pick up that small box. It was like lifting a forty pound rock, because the weight wasn’t spread out.

Aha, I thought. That’s what parenting all by yourself is like. Or parenting a special needs child, or parenting many children. It can be very heavy load if it isn’t spread out with breaks and support.

I had a nice man carry my rock to the car for me. Do you know someone who could use some help carrying a heavy weight?   🙂  Nealie