Calls From Lilly

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Mar 282015

catsI talk to Lilly about every day on the phone, and our conversation is usually about her new guy-crushes or her many conflicts with people. She never fails to ask what’s going on with our cats, Noodles and Dunkin’. If the cats have been quarreling and fighting, she loves to hear it, and laughs.

If she leaves a message, it will usually be, “Hi Mom, it’s me, just wondering how you’re doing.” or, “Hi Mom. Just wanted to say goodnight.”

Sometimes she will call to apologize, and this amazes me, for the world has been so unfair to her.

People who have had life easy often find it difficult to apologize to others, but not Lilly.

She still messes up big-time, but she is quick to say that she is sorry to the people who have born the brunt of her behavior.

Sometimes I will get three or four calls a day, and because there isn’t much to talk about after that first call, I groan. (Being honest.) But if I stop to think about it, each call is Lilly reaching out. A girl who refused love and attachment -reaching out? God is good!

If you haven’t read Chasing Lilly, please do. And if you have, spread the word about this amazing story. Love my readers, Nealie



Cloud Dough Recipe

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Mar 242015

Pinterest has some super posts for things to do with children. One recipe there is CLOUD DOUGH:

Mix one cup of baby oil with 8 cups of all-purpose flour.

The dough is very soft and delightful. Spread a plastic tablecloth on the floor, and place a dish-tub or a large plastic container (like the ones that you slide under the bed) in the middle of it. You’ll need some spoons, measuring cups, or small toys to add to the creative fun.

When it’s time for clean-up, gather the plastic tablecloth and take it out and shake it. Have fun! -Nealie


Travis Woke Up His Father -A Week Early!

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Mar 232015

The new and improved Travis Woke Up His Father -A Week Early! is available on Amazon Kindle for $1.49.                    Travis Woke Up His Father -A Week Early!

In the story, Travis tries to solve his problems, which began when he woke up from hibernation a week early. Should he wake mother or father?

I never had to decide which parent to wake, because they were both always up before me!  🙂 Nealie

Mar 132015

I think that anyone who wants to adopt should slow down and learn about the child’s background in detail, and then put things in place that will help that child before the child is adopted. Things to ask and consider:

History of the child. Everything and anything.

Diagnoses and how to treat them. Who will the therapist be? What have you read and studied about this?

LISTEN to what the past and/or current caregiver says and advises, if they know the child well and have been successful with him/her.

Don’t be in a rush if it is a trauma adoption. Get things in place. Read about the condition(s). Prepare yourself. Don’t be the cause of more trauma!

If it is possible to stay in contact with the last loving caregiver, then do so. How would you like being ripped away from someone who cares about you?

Find out from a few professionals how this could affect your other children and pets.

If you can’t do these things, or can’t afford to, then you are not properly prepared to take on trauma children. If you already have, though, and all this is moot, then find resources and people that can help. You get no judgement from me, because most people adopting try to have the children’s best interests at heart.

If you find yourself pushing forward with an adoption and find continual obstacles blocking your path, then maybe you are not the right people for the adoption. God can work in mysterious ways, the saying goes.

All this advice from someone who has never adopted, ha! But I have chased Lilly. Please read it if you haven’t. Love my readers -Nealie


Mar 092015

For a creative thinking activity that will keep your kids busy for a while, try setting them up with a blank document at the computer, and have them write a story. It can be of a vacation memory, something that happened to them, or a made-up, wild and crazy story.

Give a word count goal, and tell them that you are looking forward to reading it . They can see how many words they have typed on the word-counter, so they won’t have to actually count them. Read the story with enthusiasm when they are done, and save it to go back to read again. If you can print it out, that’s even better.

Don’t stress them out with over-correcting spelling and font size or set-up at this point, because you want to create a desire in them to write again.

What is completed is a written memory, and may very well inspire a love of writing. Computer skills will be developed over time as your child returns to write more (story) documents.

We have had fun doing this, and pictures can be added to the words and put together like a book in a binder. The ZBook, and Bella,the Dancing Beetle are picture books that Arianna and I have worked together on, and actually published. Click on the link to see samples of them. She may not make much money doing it, but boy, she sure has made a memory! -Nealie


I Have Proof!

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Mar 052015

We have big piles of snow everywhere, and it’s been a winter to remember. But good news is that Spring is at the door, and I’ll tell you how I have proof of that.

I was wearing my parka while I was driving slowly up my street the other day, and saw a woman in a bright pink top running in the street toward me, waving frantically. I thought that she must be in trouble and quickly pulled over, lowering my passenger window as she came near.

“Are you okay? Do you need help?”

“Oh, no! I didn’t want you to hit me,” she said, as she ran on past.


Who needs a groundhog? 😆 Nealie