Jun 272015

Another conversation from the back seat: (Two grandsons, Tommy and Travis, ages 6 and 7.)

Tommy began to picture-read a book out loud because he cannot read many words yet.

Travis:  Can you please read to yourself?

Tommy:  No, I can’t.

Travis:  Read in your head and keep your mouth closed.

Tommy:  I can’t do that. (He continued to talk the book.)

Travis:  Close your mouth, Tommy, and look at the pictures.

Tommy: (Oblivious) See this guy? He has a green shirt. Do you know who he is?

Travis: TOMMY!

Tommy: What?


Me:  Okay, let’s settle down and quit the fighting.

Tommy:  Travis sat on my head yesterday.

Travis:  We were wrestling.

Tommy:  You sat on my head ten times.

Travis:  We were playing.

Tommy:  See this guy with the green shirt? Do you know who he is?

(Haha! 😀 This has been my life lately!) Nealie





Jun 152015

I had three grandchildren here for breakfast this morning, and after the table was cleared, the two littlest ones went off to play.

Tommy, on the other hand, sat down in the middle of the floor and peered at something.

“Someone was left behind,” he said, and he pointed to a lone Cocoa Puff cereal ball.

I smiled and wondered how to respond to that.

He looked up at me and dead-panned, “It’s a girl.”

It looked like a miniscule ball to me. Brown.

“I’m going to move her.” He picked her (excuse me, -it- ) up and put the cereal ball in the wastebasket.

It’s funny how something tiny can become larger-than-life if we think too much on it. 💡 Nealie

Jun 042015

Last week, a little grandson found two worms in our backyard, and we put them in a cup of dirt. After a while, he ditched the cup and gave them a ride on the back of his plastic fire truck.

His mother wouldn’t let them go home with him, so they went back in the cup and had to stay here at our house.

A few days later, I picked him up and was driving to my house for a play date. From the back came, “I am the stepfather, and my two worms are my sons.”

“Your sons?”

“Yes, and I am the step father. I am going to take them for a ride in a dump truck.”

I bet they can’t wait.

This is the same kid who once said, (also from the back seat), “Travis woke up his father a week early.”

I could not get that out of my head, and so I wrote a little story about a bear named Travis, and his dilemma waking his father before hibernation ends. Of course, I called it Travis Woke Up His Father a Week Early.

Anyone out there want to share something interesting that came out of a child’s mouth? Love those kids!  – Nealie


Jun 022015

Maybe we have too many things, because when something happens to one thing, it can often be easily replaced by another. Is that the reason I can usually stay calm when I hear glass breaking at my house?

I remember when Bruce gave a set of flowered dishes to me for my birthday. There were eight place settings, and I was crazy about them.

Joy was about 16, and she was doing dishes one evening just a few weeks later. In a hurry, she tried to lift a stack of new dinner plates up and onto the cupboard shelf, but they slid over her head and onto the floor.

I was in another room when I heard things shattering and hurried into the kitchen. The remains of five of the new plates were everywhere.

That was kind of a dry run, getting ready for Lilly Angel, who hadn’t yet come into our family, haha!

Things continue to get broken. Just this week, a grandson accidentally broke my special iced tea glass. Two days later, a granddaughter broke a plate that was on the wall. Both times, I could have cared less, except that someone might step on broken glass.

Broken items can be replaced with something similar, but beyond that, we need to remember that there is no heart beating in those things, and they can’t smile back. 🙂 Nealie