Dumpster Diving

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Aug 282015

Heaven forbid that you ever have to dive into a dumpster for a meal, but I have to tell you, the elementary school lunchroom bin has enough to stock a convenience store!

I went to school to have lunch with a grandchild, and enjoyed all the chaos and chatter going on, as I sat and ate, too.

Then the cafeteria woman yelled out that it was time to line up and empty the trays and lunch boxes, and to get in a long line to head back to classes.

I watched as the little kids dumped whole apples, bananas, Doritos, unopened packs of applesauce, etc., into the receptacle and got in line. I’m sure that some ice packs went in, too!

The moral of this story is that unless you equip your kid with a video-cam, don’t believe they ate they their lunch -just because it’s gone. An empty lunch box means nothing.

The sad side to this, is that why aren’t our children valuing or saving good foods, and taking them home so somebody can eat them? I’m not talking rotten bananas, but good food.

Only in America. We have so much! 💡 Nealie

Aug 252015

We were laughing over crazy memories in a recent conversation with Lilly, and when we drove by a Red Lobster, she reminded  us of one little story that is not in the book, Chasing Lilly.

She was about fourteen, and had run off from the residential center where she was living. Somewhere along the way, she ended up barefoot and hungry. Very hungry. 🙂 Giggling, she said,

“I hadn’t had food all day, and I saw a Red Lobster, and thought I’d go in and get some catfish. The lady asked me what I would like to order, and I ordered catfish, tilapia, and shrimp! I ate and ate, then I got a big piece of this chocolate dessert. I was so full! When she brought me the bill and set it on the table, I was afraid and hid in the bathroom. Then the police came and got me.”

I am so glad that Lilly can laugh at these things now. That has helped her to heal  and move on. She is doing reasonably well, and we are proud of her growth in many areas. -Nealie