Nov 302015

Want some pure religion? The Bible says that pure religion is taking care of widows and orphans in their distress. (James 1:27)

These days, in this country, it’s hard to find a truly distressed widow, but they are around if we look. So look. 🙂

And orphans are everywhere.

What? Yes.

There are permanent and temporary orphans in every city.

They are the children in foster care.

“Okay,” you say, “But what can I do? I don’t know any orphans personally.”

Give to foster agencies. They are constantly in need of funding to help these kids. “Giving Tuesday” is now, if you have to have a designated day!

Or be a foster parent. Some of you have never had your life touched by an orphan, but you feel like doing the right thing . . .

So get some true religion and do it.

Look in the phone directory for an agency, or donate through Amazon Smile, which gives 5% of your purchases to a charity of choice. Here are two great ones if you are so inspired: Pathway Caring for Children and Beyond Trauma and Attachment. (The latter is not a foster agency but helps families who are raising foster and adoptive children from trauma situations.)

May you be truly blessed as you bless the less fortunate around you!  😀 Nealie



Nov 222015

I was thinking about my reasons for not liking automatic dishwashers. Was it because of the bending required to load and unload? How about the time that I helped treat a woman who impaled her thigh on a steak knife when she fell across a dishwasher door? Because she forgot it was open.

No, those things give me pause, but after some thought, I decided that it’s because I hate organizing disgusting things. Lining up dirty little dishes here, and dirty big dishes there, and the stinky glasses, and the silverware . . .ugh!

Give me a pair of rubber gloves and some hot soapy water, and I actually like doing dishes. Therapeutic.

I like it even better when someone dries and we can talk. Last week, I decided that Tommy was old enough to help dry the dishes. I handed a towel to him, and told him to take his time and place each cup or dish that he dried on the big table behind me. I planned to put them all away later.

I washed. We talked. He kept placing the dry ones on the table, and he’d come back for another bowl or drinking glass until he was finished. He was done first, and ran off to play while I rinsed out the sink and shined things up. I loved it.

I threw my gloves under the sink and turned to gather up the clean dishes on the table. My mouth dropped open. Tommy had gone into the bathroom next to the kitchen and filled everything he’d dried with water! Every cup and bowl covering the table held water.

I didn’t say anything to him, but I dumped the water and re-dried the dishes. He didn’t know about drying dishes, and was simply making a new job fun. For him. But let me tell you, the next time I enlist his little cuteness to help me dry dishes, he will know the plan!

Happy Thanksgiving, and be blessed, Nealie


People Pleasers

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Nov 182015

Bell-the-Dancing-Beetle-by-Nealie-RoseWe’ve all been there.  Well, maybe all of us.  This book is for the kids who sometimes wear themselves out trying to make everybody happy.

Bella does her happy-flappy dance because everyone just loves it. At first, the attention is fun, but then she begins to frazzle by doing what everyone wants.

While this was written for the general public, when you have a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder or Oppositional Defiance Disorder, (RAD and ODD), things get even more complicated, because it doesn’t seem like there is much that makes them happy.

This ebook is a cheery way to teach your kids that it’s okay to set limits!                                                                Bella, the Dancing Beetle , $1.99

Love my readers! -Nealie