Dec 192016

fire safety

I was baking with my granddaughter, Ari, and had a candle with three wicks burning on the counter. Watching the flames made me think that  it would be a great time to give a little kitchen-fire safety talk.

I went over the basics:  if oil or grease is involved, never put water on it; put a lid on a pan that has caught fire; if there is no extinguisher; dump flour or sugar on the flames; stop, drop, and roll, etc.

Not more than two minutes after I finished, a napkin near the candle caught fire! I snatched it up to get it to the sink, but it burst into a fire-ball halfway there, and landed on the floor.

Ari yelled, “Dump flour on it!”

I did.

Do you have any idea how big of a mess that made? 😀

I still can’t get over how weird that all was, but please, go over fire safety with the kids, especially during this season when so many candles are burning.

Merry Christmas to you all!

🙂 Nealie


Nov 302016

Two scarecrows

Over Thanksgiving holiday the grandkids drew pictures, did crafts, and ran up and down the stairs a thousand times. Here are a couple highlights:

Tommy drew a picture. I wasn’t in the room at the time, but I overheard his mother ask him, “I see the car. Who are these people?”

“They are two scarecrows and their car.”

“That would be very scary driving, because their heads would be stuffed with straw,” she said.

I tried to picture it. Hey, that would be blonde drivers…


That same weekend, Tommy and Travis were here, in their p.j. bottoms and no shirts, running all over the house. They wanted to go to the Lego store to spend their money.

Tommy asked, “When are we going?”

I said, “I’m not taking two dirt-bags anywhere.”

Tommy started to laugh and said, “That’s funny!”

Travis stared at him. “She’s talking about us, Tommy.”


I can’t handle chaos everyday, but happy chaos can be wonderful.

For a limited time, lol!






Nov 202016

160211_0002I’ve always told any kids riding in my car that I have an eject button, and will use it if they act up. The belief that I actually have an eject button eventually comes to an end. That happened today for Travis.

I was driving grandsons Tommy and Travis, ages 7 & 8, to a birthday party, and they were not being the quiet little travelers that I needed. I gave them a few admonishments to settle down and knock it off, etc. Finally I said, “Travis, if you don’t settle down in my car, I’m pressing the eject button!”

Things became quiet  for a second, then he challenged, “You don’t really have an eject button.”

I shot back, “You’re right, but I can pull over, stop the car, and toss you in a ditch!”

So we’ve now moved on from the eject button, to threat of harm and desertion. For all of you that have me on a pedestal, I hope knowing this helps.

Have a great Thanksgiving! 😛 Nealie