Jan 292016

Not again. But if I don’t write down what he says, how will I remember it -and laugh? Here goes today’s conversation:

“I really want to live in a cave.”

“Then you would be called a caveman. A lot of guys want to do that.”

“Yes, and I want to eat steak. They eat steak, don’t they?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“I wish I could find a steak.”

He continued, “They wear fuzzy dresses for clothes. I wouldn’t want to wear a fuzzy dress.”

“Hmm, well, they must want to stay covered.”

He giggled, “And some cavemen have bones in their hair. Pretty funny, right?”

I began to wonder if the caveman thing is a dream that all men think about from maybe age three? I know that Bruce has mentioned it a time or two. 🙂

Love my readers, Nealie

Jan 242016

Seven-year-old Tommy knows a few things:

1. Don’t put restrictions on yourself. (“I want to be a policeman. I will need a suit and a badge and a hat. I also need an astronaut suit, because after I am done getting the bad guys, I will need a rocket to fly.”)

2. If you are chasing someone, know who it is. (“After David killed Goliath, his army chased all the Philippines.”)

3. Flattery works. (“I love your cooking. You are such a good cooker.”)

4. Cocoa is a requirement for happiness. (“I sure am cold. Hot cocoa sure would be a good idea. I love hot cocoa. Don’t make it hot, though. And don’t mix it together. And I need a straw. And do you have marshmallows? I want whipped cream, too. Cocoa sure would be a good idea.”)

5. Spiky hair is a must. (I need that mousse everyday in my hair. Do you think it looks good? I like it!”)

Summary: Get the necessary career suit, spike your hair, grab a cocoa, say some nice words, and chase the (correct) bad guys!

Love my readers, 😛 Nealie


Jan 202016

cat smelling flowerIt’s imperative to take care of yourself when you have special needs kids, multiple small children, a member of your family with long-term, chronic illness, or similar demands that suck you dry.

Make time for yourself, (even a few minutes), when you have any of those situations, or when you have any crisis that lasts for more than a week.

I think that a week is about all a person can handle without beginning to do some type of mind and body refreshing, or self care. It could keep you from running down the middle of the street, screaming at the top of your lungs.

What does self-care look like? It’s not usually just one thing, but a series of small things that will help you feel a little better, and it is different for all of us. It is something that gets your head out of the situation -at least for a few minutes.

I like to put cream on my feet, and if a week has gone by without that, then I have been under too many demands. I like to connect with a best friend for a visit or long conversation -uninterrupted! A meal in a restaurant, a short walk. A babysitter for the kids! A soak in the tub, a manicure or haircut. Sometimes, it is fifteen minutes near a sunny window with my eyes closed. (It’s winter here, or a lawn chair would do just fine.)

What little things refresh you? Make a list, and be reasonable. (No trips to Hawaii.) Try to do one thing every day. When we had Lilly, we had years of one crisis after another. Hey, I lived through it with her, and now there are new ones with other family. Does anyone have a life without troubles? No.

And take time to pray and connect with the Creator. He created you, and is able to refresh you.

Wishing you the best, Nealie


Jan 112016

If I can just get through this, life has to get better.

If I can just get through this surgery . .

If I can just get through the funeral . . .

If I can just get through these obligations . . .

If I can just get through . . .

When life has you by the neck, and each day is a struggle, how do you get through it?

A friend told me yesterday that she gets mad when people say to those struggling, “God will never give you more than you can bear.” She said that is not true, and that verse concerns temptation, not the burdens of life. She said that sometimes we do have more than we can bear, and that’s when, if we know God, we can say, “But for God . . ”

But for God’s help, I would have died.

But for God’s intervention, I would have lost hope.

But for God. He will give you the strength to get through the worst situations, which are impossible without Him.

When we were raising Lilly, we had days that were so traumatic and draining that we didn’t think we’d survive.

You may be in the middle of something that has emptied you of every ounce of energy and hope. Step back and put the situation in a very big hand, (after all, the earth is His footstool), and little by little there will be change enough to get through. It may not become perfect, or what you want it to become, but you will be able to breathe again. -Nealie









What is Your Dream Future?

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Jan 042016
  1. What is your dream future? I’m not talking about hitting the lottery or becoming the owner of your own island. It’s inventory time with a new year beginning. Take a few minutes to work on your goals and dreams! I’m thinking about things like career, family, kids, leaving a legacy, having a charitable endeavor, or something ground-breaking like discovering a cure to a disease.
  2. What steps will you need to take? Don’t consider the visible or invisible roadblocks. If you want to build a fence, you need to cut wood, get a hammer, dig holes, etc.
  3. What has to happen for your dream to come to pass? Example: I would have to get money to pay for college, or I need to begin working out  and eating less.
  4. What are you willing to do to help things along? For example: You want a degree in teaching. Are you willing to work hard, study, and stick it out?
  5. Ask yourself, “What am I willing to give up to have my dream future?”
  6. Who do you want to become as a person and what character traits do you want to possess? (I want to be kind, patient, a good listener, etc.)
  7. How would others describe you when they think of you right now?
  8. You will need God’s help to make changes, but it is possible for all of us to see a brighter future.
  9. Jeremiah 29:11 is worth a look. Love my readers, Nealie