Jul 192016

Brown BearSeven-year-old Tommy had his sunglasses on while he sat  in the front seat holding his stuffed brown bear.

“Where are we going?”

“To the post office for stamps.”

“Can I take my bear in?”

“Well, they may have a “NO COUGARS” sign, but I’m not sure if there is a “NO BEARS” sign.

“What’s a cougar?”

“It’s a mountain lion. They have to watch out for those going in for stamps. But if one wore sunglasses, I bet they wouldn’t notice it.”

I glanced over as Tommy quietly removed his sunglasses and slid them over the bear’s eyes.

He was humoring me as much as I was him, and the sun shone a little brighter.

When you’re in a bad spot in life, it may be hard to see humor in everyday things. But we need to try, because those little smiles offer a reprieve from the hard stuff.

If your joy isn’t very large, it will grow when you enlarge the joy of another.

Love my readers,