Guess What I Bought?

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Mar 252017

Wonder Woman

I just bought my first Lego set -for me! When I saw this one, I had to have it. WHY?

Because all parents of special needs kids know that you have to put on the super hero suit to fight the “Doomsday” in our lives. My suit just happens to be Wonder Woman, like lots of other moms.

You dad’s have a lot more choices, lol! Superman, Batman, Captain America…

My Lego set is now all put together, in plain view in my office. Sometimes we need reminders of who we are, with God’s help.

If you need this, you can get it for about $10 at Amazon.

-Nealie 🙂

Rice Kreepies

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Mar 202017

In Chasing Lilly, I told about a SUPER bad day that started when Lilly said she wouldn’t eat her “Rice Kreepies”for breakfast. She had a speech impairment, and that was the only way she could pronounce Rice Krispies.

I was reminded of that day this past weekend, when a visiting grandson asked where the Crummy Kibbles were. He was looking for a particular cereal, and he wasn’t trying to be funny. I asked him a couple times what the cereal was called, and he never backed off of “Crummy Kibbles.”

Okay then. -We’re all out!

This Saturday, I will be at an Author’s Fair at the main branch of The Canton Library on Market Avenue from 10-4:00.

April 15th, I will be at The Massillon Public Library, (with illustrator Arianna Kuzmik!), on Lincolnway. Hope to see you!

Nealie 😎



Mar 102017

                                                                                                        Chasing Lilly

Chasing Lilly is meant to be a teaching tool for students in Psychiatry, Psychology, Counseling, and Intervention Specialties. That’s why there is a companion Discussion Workbook. Profs can use this true story as a case study. Students decide whether to confirm or disagree with Lilly’s diagnosis, talk over what could (or should) have been done in certain situations, medications, etc.

If you know a Professor or University Chair in any of these studies, please pass this on to them as they plan for the coming year. The books are available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble online.

Love my readers! Nealie