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I’m from Ohio, and spent my early years growing up around Salem with five sisters.

If you read Chasing Lilly, you know Bruce and I had two biological daughters. As those girls grew into their busy teen years, I wished we’d had a third daughter. On impulse, I sent a letter to an orphanage, asking about the possibility of adopting one of their girls. The unopened letter was returned several weeks later.

With that door closed, I thought about the fostering experience my parents had when their nest became empty. I remembered how the kids’ lives were impacted for the better, and decided that fostering would be the route to take.

That was 18 years ago. I am privileged to still be called “Mom” by two of my foster daughters. When asked, I always claim four kids.

Our house continues to be crazy with grandkids here frequently, and two cats, Dunkin’ and Noodles. They keep us amused when the kids go home. Dunkin’ knocks things off the counter for a hobby, and Noodles likes to fall over like he’s passing out.

People say that we look way too young to have a truckload of grandchildren. To that, we say, “Thank you!”

Oh, and I used to like to bake a lot. You’ll know why that’s past tense if you’ve read Chasing Lilly! I LOVE my readers!  Nealie

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