Author: NealieRose

Turtles and Cats

Lilly and I were talking on the phone last night, and I told her that her dad, (Bruce), bought Turtles for me for Valentines Day….

“Your dad got me a box of Turtles. You know how much I love those.”

She didn’t say anything for a few seconds so I asked, “Do you remember what they are?”

“Yes. Turtles can be beautiful. Especially the green ones. But they can bite. I remember seeing them before.”

“I’m talking about the chocolate ones.”

“Yeah, I know. I watched a show about turtles. Some get really big, but some have pretty colors.”

‘Lilly, I’m not talking about animal turtles, I’m talking about chocolate candy turtles.”

“I know.”

I cracked up laughing at our crazy conversation, and she joined in because she knew why I laughed.

Lilly’s mind went one direction when turtles were mentioned, probably because she is so fascinated with animals. Always has been. She knows she has issues, and that animals are a weak point for her in both good and bad ways. When she visits here I keep a close eye on her with our cats, and she’s fine with that and doesn’t get angry at me.

Nowadays she cares for an outdoor feral cat at her facility and gives it food and water regularly. I am proud of her. That has been a good stepping stone in her journey to healing.


Cheering Up Lilly


Lilly loves it when I retell some things she did that were funny. If Chasing Lilly was only written for that reason, it would be enough. During this lengthy Covid isolation, there is often very little that’s new to talk about, especially when she calls me at least once a day. She gets so bored!

That book gives me a refresher on memories so we can reminisce. Let’s face it, talking on the phone everyday can be a challenge when we seem to have all the excitement (or so it seems) and Lilly hasn’t much to talk about.

She has her own copy here at our house. The text is too difficult for her reading ability, so I read it to her. There is much I skim over, because I don’t wish to bring up things she may perceive as failures.

Just the other day Lilly talked about the camp she went to when she was younger, and I teased her with the truth that she gave her counselor a rough time. Lilly laughed so much when I reminded her that she peed on the unfortunate counselor’s lap when she was sitting there, and chased the young woman with burning stick. She realizes now how out of control she was back then. And she can laugh about it with me.

That’s one thing she and I have in common -we love to share a laugh any chance we get. That doesn’t mean life is perfect for either of us. Far from it!

But when you either have to laugh or cry, choose laughter.

Love my Readers, -Nealie