Author: NealieRose

Sitting in Limbo

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Lilly is in a government facility awaiting placement in a community, because her allotted time (what’s been approved) is up at the facility.

The problem is that she has been turned down by the only two currently available community choices for her, and she takes that a little personally! But she isn’t sad about it because she wants to stay where she is.

The reality is that this place IS the best place for her, and she LIKES it there. She gets to go places, swim, and have occasional parties. The staff there respect Lilly and treat her with dignity.

Why can’t she stay? Because it’s almost $600 a day, that’s why.

What happens next? I don’t know, except that the State has responsibility for her, and they can’t throw her out.

So for now, I’m smiling. 🙂

Have a safe and happy 4th of July,


Principal and Teacher Attacked by Child


I read this the other day and my thoughts went back to Lilly in KINDERGARTEN when almost the same thing happened. She was only six to seven years old. Lilly wasn’t officially charged, as was this boy who is nine. (How do you arrest an under-sized Kindergarten girl?)

Our educators need to be trauma-informed, because this type of thing surely comes from trauma. The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children has loads of information to help educators so I’ve included their link so you can check it out or pass it on. They have some great resources!