Author: NealieRose

Lilly’s Holiday Notes

We had a great Christmas holiday, and I wanted to share some inspiring things that Lilly wrote in a couple cards.

(I’ll interpret her handwriting below.)

The top note was written to me. Lilly says, “You raised me the best that you can…thank you…I know we had our differences but we still love each other.”   Boy, did we have our differences, lol, but isn’t that sweet?

The bottom note she wrote to a young relative and says, “Merry Christmas ________, God love you so much. you are so different in a good way…there is no one like you….go ahead and shine….you are so smart…don’t let anyone tell you different. Love you so much, Lilly.”

What’s happening in this note is that Lilly is pouring some good (that people have told her about herself) into this tween’s life! She is giving him a pep talk. How precious this is, and reminds me that what we say matters so much.

Love my Readers,


Please Somebody, Let’s Change This Up!


I don’t remember school fundraisers where teachers were duct-taped to the wall when my kids were in school.

These days, if a student takes a dollar to school, he gets one strip of duct tape to use on the teacher. Two dollars buys two strips, etc. It seems like pretty harmless fun.

But it’s not!

When I watched this happen a few months ago, one young adopted Asian girl was crying, and it occurred to me that some students might not be able to process what was taking place. They might be the youngest kids, the special needs, adopted, and/or trauma kids.

Lilly, for example would have gone ballistic if she’d seen it. I just know, because she was tied up when she was little, and she remembers.

I think even now in her twenties, she would have a hard time with it, because although it is not technically abusive, it could be perceived that way and trigger certain emotions.

This could also apply to a child that endures unreported abuse at home. This “duct-taping to a wall” activity could ruin the day for them. Completely. And it needs to stop.

So should schools quit the teacher-taping fun? Yes. Besides the trauma aspect, I feel it also borders on disrespect toward those in authority.

Why not see how big a “duct tape ball” could be made instead?

Break a record, not a heart.