Trauma Father’s Day


With Father’s Day coming up fast, I wanted to say something. I know it’s the “moms” who usually get the worst of it with the trauma kids, but not always. Out there are lots of fathers who are pulling a heavy load, too, and they need acknowledged.

We see you and appreciate and love you, Trauma Dads!

Lilly sent a letter to Bruce that said: (you can translate)

happy daddy.s day.s

Love you with all my herat

you are my rock

She has a way with words, don’t ya think?

Hats off to the Dads!



Lilly and the Quarantine


Lilly has had a tougher time than most of the population during this virus chapter of our lives. She is in a facility where only the staff are allowed to come and go. The clients have not left their respective buildings (except to walk around the parking lot) since this all began.

And I am so proud of her! It’s been amazing, actually! Bruce and I sent her some things we purchased online to help the time go faster. Boredom has been the main issue, so we sent table games and DVD’s.

Other clients/peers are getting on her nerves. I get that…We are all experiencing a little (or a lot) of stir-crazy.

Daily phone calls help break things up, but there isn’t as much going on to talk about.We just started using DUO, a face-to-face on the phone. And cards and letters.

Here is a recent letter from Lilly, and I’ll type it for you:

hi Mom and dad

i Just wanted to say thank you For the 10.00 doller.s

that mines aLot to me.

And i miss you guys aLot.

you are the Best that i had.

i no we did Not see eye to eye But i still Love you guys.

Nothing beats getting a letter like that. I love the not seeing eye-to-eye comment…No kidding, lol!!

Stay healthy and safe. Love my readers,