Sunshine in a Bottle

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Jan 192018

Over the summer, I had a favorite frangrance called LIVE FRESH -Seaside Breeze. (Bath¬†& Body Works) Doesn’t that sound amazing? It was. Unfortunately it was discontinued. So there went fresh living. ūüôĀ


love-and-sunshine-nealie-roseThen Bruce found LOVE & SUNSHINE for me. Smells entirely different, but who doesn’t like love and sunshine?



liquid-sunshine-nealie-roseOn a particularly gloomy day, I found LIQUID SUNSHINE! Pour it on, baby, yes, yes, yes. When will spring be here, anyway?



get-happy-nealie-roseGranddaughter, Ari, had the crankies a few days ago. I grabbed this bottle and threatened to smear GET HAPPY all over her. ūüôā She slowly backed¬†away and got happy!



Wouldn’t it be¬†great if¬†there was a bottle of something for every situation? Imagine how big my purse would be then!¬† Love my readers, -Nealie

Brave Bart: Don’t Underestimate This Kid’s Book!

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Jan 122018

Brave Bart Book by Caroline H. Sheppard about childhood traumaI recently purchased a wonderful book for “traumatized and grieving children,” and wanted to share it with my readers. I saw Kathi Beadle today. She was Lilly’s therapist early on, and I showed her the Brave Bart book. She smiled and said she had used that exact title and the therapy puppet cats that¬†can accompany it when she worked with Lilly so many years ago!

I cannot wait to show the book to Lilly and re-read it with her, even though she is in her twenties now. She has been going through a rough patch for several months, and this could be just what she needs.

And if you were traumatized as a child, then I think you would also benefit from reading about Bart. (Yes, you.)

I love my readers, and want this year to be more peaceful than last year. -Nealie

P.S. A side note on the Amazon Audibles version of Chasing Lilly that was in production… the narrator’s equipment was trashed by a worm or virus to the point of no return. I feel so sad for her, as she was 99% finished, and lost everything else in her system as well. I will have to resubmit the book and start over with another narrator. Keep you posted!

Have You Heard?

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Jan 052018

Jack and Peanut

I keep meeting people who are struggling to meet the needs of their special children. Very few of them have a sufficient support system, let alone a place of worship that takes care of their child while they are there.

I recently found out about CHAMPION’S CLUBS, and have a link for you to check it out. Right now there are 41 churches in the US alone that have a Champion’s Club. My church just started one, so that’s how I learned about them. The way they work is for a parent to first fill out a form entailing the special needs of their child, to¬†enroll them in this FREE service. The parent is able to attend worship service, knowing that specially trained individuals are caring for their child.¬†There are¬†sensory areas, and an actual curriculum teaching the child at his or her level, while the parent is in service.

Champion’s Clubs care for tiny children on up to junior high or beyond, depending on the churches’ plan and ability.

If you don’t have a club near you, talk to your church leaders.

The photo is of Jack, my grandson, and Peanut. Love my readers! -Nealie

Try One of These Backrubs

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Dec 292017

I don’t usually post this often, but with Christmas break happening, there’s been a lot of fun. I like to give “Weather Backrubs” to my grandkids, and thought I’d tell you how to do them.

Think of the weather and duplicate it on their back:

Sunshine is a circular motion in the center of the back (my fav).

Rain . . .drag your fingers gently down the back.

Thunder is a gentle palm-smack.

Wind -just brush your hand from side to side.

Sevryn (8), asked for a weather backrub today, and after the usual, he requested something new -an “earthquake.” I told him no, because it would knock him off the sofa, and he cackled like a crazy man. ūüôā Then he said that he was going to give ME a weather backrub, and I was so happy! How generous and caring of him… after¬†1 minute of his version, (Was it the the earthquake?),¬†I had to tell him¬†to stop the backrub, because I’d rather get run over by a reindeer, lol!

Best wishes for the New Year! -Nealie