Apr 012019

summer pictureChasing Lilly Readers,

You may not be aware that I have two Middle Grade Mystery books completed, and that’s no joke! Maybe you didn’t know that I have books for kids, and that includes a book about Dementia for children? Here are more Nealie Rose books that are available through Amazon:

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The Portal in the Attic, Revel Street Mystery #1

The Skatepark Kidnapping, Revel Street Mystery #2

Grandpa When, a book about Dementia for elementary ages

Bella the Dancing Beetle, for elementary age kids who always try to please everyone

The Z Book (Pure silliness!)

Travis Woke Up His Father -A Week Early! (What happens when a hibernating bear family has a cub that wakes up too early?)

And don’t forget that Chasing Lilly is available on AUDIBLES, too!

There’s a basic Curriculum and Discussion Workbook to go with the college and university use of Chasing Lilly.

🙂 Nealie


Skunk Days

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Mar 202019


The little guy in the photo is really cute, but four people I know (including Lilly) have had really bad skunk adventures. This kind of stuff is hard to forget because it gives me shivers!

Carol’s Dachshund  was sprayed and ran into her house, straight for the master bedroom, hid under the bed and wouldn’t come out… Wow.

Jackie’s dog was sprayed (for a second time) and got into the house and putrefied it. She asked if she smelled like a skunk when we saw her. (Well…)

Debb’s dog didn’t get sprayed but killed a skunk last week. Very sad for the skunk, but it was amazing her dog wasn’t sprayed.

Then there’s Lilly’s story. Here’s an excerpt from Chasing Lilly:

“One day Lilly noticed a skunk at the edge of the woods. She didn’t include skunks in her group of friends and took off out the door after it. She scooped up a stick and pursued the evil beast as fast as she could. Lilly later recounted the skunk didn’t react until she whacked it with the stick and shouted, “Get out of here, you devil!”

As soon as it sprayed her, she yelled some more and dropped the stick and ran fast toward the Blair houses. She tried the door of the first house she came to, and it opened.

“Lilly –whoa!” The door slammed shut in her face.

She ran to the next door and they wouldn’t let her in, either.

The third door was her own house, and they decided to let her in –probably after thinking about what could happen to them if they didn’t.”

Lilly and I were laughing about that the other day. (She’s doing really well at the government-run residential center.)

Have a skunk-free day! 🙂







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Mar 042019


I lost my father yesterday. I knew it was coming and was prepared as much as anyone could be.

And so Lilly lost a grandfather. She was not super close to him because she was in and out of so many “places” over the years, and that made visiting difficult. But, he was her grandfather in this family, and there was a connection…two ornery people. 🙂

She will have to be told soon, but I hesitate to pick up the phone and tell her.

Lilly has lost probably over a hundred people over the years. Her bio parents, many foster parents, bio and foster siblings, favorite caregivers and caseworkers, and the special therapists…

A few have died. Others came and went with the many placements. Such loss, yet Lilly gives back in the small ways she can. Like a picture she colored, a Kit Kat candy bar, or a phone call with words of encouragement. Lilly is exceptionally giving, which is really something for someone who has lost so much.

I’m going to call her soon. Please say a prayer for her.



Lilly is in a Good Spot

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Feb 102019

Canva -Boerboel-Peanut-Bulldog-Ballotade-Dog-Beast

Just a few months ago I was at the end of my wits trying to figure out where Lilly could live safely. She had quite a year as far as bad events go.

She was accepted at one of those $600 a day facilities, paid for by taxpayers, of which I am one. No place was working out safely. I am grateful she is still alive -that’s how dangerous things have been.

She was eventually able to get into the place because we hadn’t adopted her. If we had, it would have been way more difficult, if at all. That’s unfair if you have an adopted child in the same situation unless you have a caseworker and/or a team of people working to help you. I think we had about five people on the team who were alarmed by the constant calls, emails, and MUI’s (Major Unusual Incidents), and that is SO different from one or two parents struggling on their own.

I feel for you if you are in that group! It would be so nice if there was a questionnaire/scale that would be a way to evaluate who gets to be accepted into the residential environment, rather than money or insurance. The mental health system needs fixed in a big way. If there was an admittance scale, and data submitted was documented by professionals who worked with your child (regardless of insurance), then the people who really qualified would get the help they needed.

Many more facilities would have to open to provide care for them, because many people have been left without treatment because of our broken system. The government is trying to save money by closing many of these residential centers, but it will cost society in other ways if these folks don’t get help.

I don’t know exactly how long Lilly will be allowed to stay…We heard a date, but with Lilly’s behaviors it could go past the date. They can say, “We will approve a three (or six) month stay,” but what are they going to do with her at the end of that time period if she isn’t stable? The last “three month stay” turned into twenty months.

So as long as it lasts I will rest, (in my mind at least), and know she’s in the most capable hands there are (other than God’s).  And no, that’s not Lilly in the picture if you were wondering, but it conveyed what I was feeling.


P.S. Remember to tell your friends who listen to Amazon Audibles that Chasing Lilly is a book on Audibles. The narrator did a fantastic job!