Feb 092018



Cat in Seed Beads, by Ari Kuzmik


I chose this cat picture pecause it’s kind of wacky, just like many of my conversations with Lilly! Lilly sometimes goes to the hospital for a stay related to her mental health, and to get her settled down following a bad time.

What I love about Lilly is how she can make me laugh. The following are all hospital-related conversations:

“Mom, all my life I been fighting back. If someone hit me, I hit him back. When I got to your house, you taught me better than that. But I don’t listen. I don’t know why I don’t listen. I want to defend myself. Guess what this man taught me at the hospital?”

I’m alarmed and ask, “What?”

She answers, “Rummy.”

Rummy? Suddenly I can’t stop laughing.



Lilly called me from one hospital and said,

“They got some good activities here. They have these vending machines. A pop machine. A snack machine.”

I asked, “Lilly, is the vending machine the activity?”

Now she can’t stop laughing. 🙂



On a hospital trip to see Lilly, we often play cards while we talk. She’s a good card player.  It’s hard getting things past her and beating her can be a challenge, which doesn’t seem to mesh with her elementary handwriting and reading.

During one Old Maid game, she knew I had the Old Maid and that I desperately wanted to be rid of it. It was her turn to draw one of my last two cards, and she picked the right card, leaving me with the Old Maid. I said, “Rats!”

Lilly giggled and replied, “Nice try, Homey.”



Lilly called me and said, “Mom, I’m just keeping it 100 with you. This place is messed up.”


😀 Love my readers, Nealie

Sunshine in a Bottle

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Jan 192018

Over the summer, I had a favorite frangrance called LIVE FRESH -Seaside Breeze. (Bath & Body Works) Doesn’t that sound amazing? It was. Unfortunately it was discontinued. So there went fresh living. 🙁


love-and-sunshine-nealie-roseThen Bruce found LOVE & SUNSHINE for me. Smells entirely different, but who doesn’t like love and sunshine?



liquid-sunshine-nealie-roseOn a particularly gloomy day, I found LIQUID SUNSHINE! Pour it on, baby, yes, yes, yes. When will spring be here, anyway?



get-happy-nealie-roseGranddaughter, Ari, had the crankies a few days ago. I grabbed this bottle and threatened to smear GET HAPPY all over her. 🙂 She slowly backed away and got happy!



Wouldn’t it be great if there was a bottle of something for every situation? Imagine how big my purse would be then!  Love my readers, -Nealie

Try One of These Backrubs

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Dec 292017

I don’t usually post this often, but with Christmas break happening, there’s been a lot of fun. I like to give “Weather Backrubs” to my grandkids, and thought I’d tell you how to do them.

Think of the weather and duplicate it on their back:

Sunshine is a circular motion in the center of the back (my fav).

Rain . . .drag your fingers gently down the back.

Thunder is a gentle palm-smack.

Wind -just brush your hand from side to side.

Sevryn (8), asked for a weather backrub today, and after the usual, he requested something new -an “earthquake.” I told him no, because it would knock him off the sofa, and he cackled like a crazy man. 🙂 Then he said that he was going to give ME a weather backrub, and I was so happy! How generous and caring of him… after 1 minute of his version, (Was it the the earthquake?), I had to tell him to stop the backrub, because I’d rather get run over by a reindeer, lol!

Best wishes for the New Year! -Nealie

Why Do You Want to Have Breakfast with Santa?

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Dec 142017

Tommy, who is nine this month, was in the car with me and he saw an advertisement for “Breakfast with Santa” and got excited. I asked him what was so special about having breakfast with Santa.

He said, “”You get pancakes. You get sausage. You get juice.”

I said, “You know he’s not real, right? So you want to have breakfast with a guy you don’t know?”

Tommy responded, “Yeah, that’s just the way it is.” (In other words, if you want the food, you eat with Santa.)

I remember when Joy our oldest daughter was about five, and we took her to the mall to meet Santa. Everything was fine, and afterward we shopped for a while before she asked to use the bathroom. On the way down a hall to the facilities, we passed a mall office with an all-glass wall. She abruptly stopped to stare. I looked that way, and there was Santa with his white gloves off, legs crossed, slumped in a chair, and smoking a cigarette!

I’ve always told our kids that Santa was pretend, and it’s a good thing, because we could have had a melt-down over that incident. They’ve learned that they can count on what we tell them. We wanted our kids to know what was true, because if we say that Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny are real, (and later they find out we were pulling their leg), how will they know Jesus is real, and not another made-up person? There usually comes a day when a kid will ask if what they have been told all along is true. That’s tough, because it’s inevitable that either you tell them, or they find out on their own it’s not true. (So what else is not true? They have to wonder.)

I don’t mind playing along, as long as the kids know we are playing. Yes, we’ll go see Santa, and yes, the Tooth Fairy will leave you something, but these are just little games we play for fun.

And why should some made-up person get the credit for all our hard work, anyway? Daddy and Mommy bought the toys, and worked hard to do it. Once I had Tori in a shopping cart at the grocery store. She was probably four. The cashier asked, “And what’s Santa bringing you for Christmas?”

Tori said, “My Daddy is Santa. He works to buy my presents.”

I was proud of her, because she learned early that her parents loved to provide for her, worked hard to do it, and that Jesus is not in the same category as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

You raise your kids however you want. These are my thoughts, and I hope they didn’t make you sputter, lol! I truly love my readers!