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What, No Pizza?


Lilly is lamenting the fact that we can’t go to her facility, but more importantly, neither can the pizza delivery person!

Her facility is on a lock-down for precautions against you-know-what. She understands. I understand. (That doesn’t help much, does it?)

Actually, I am quite proud of her maturity in all of this. I’ve heard of grown adults with supposedly greater intelligence behaving terribly.

The real problem is boredom, though, because she can’t go to her day programming, out shopping, or eating out. Lilly likes to watch TV, and thankfully that’s still available, because reading as a pastime is difficult for her, so that’s out.

Speaking of reading, yesterday Lilly called me and said she wanted to read something wonderful to me. That was surprising in itself, so I was all ears. Lilly struggled to sound out the words to the little story about the thousands of starfish washed up on the beach. I think you may remember hearing it, how a little boy picked them up one at a time and threw them back into the sea. A man came by and said there were so many that it didn’t matter, but the little boy tossed another starfish into the water and said, “I made a difference for that one!”ย  (The Starfish Story by: Loren Eisley)

Lilly was so touched by that short story. Does she realize that she is one of those little starfish, or does she think she is the one making the difference? Interesting question, and I feel for certain her answer would be…

…that she is the one making the difference. ๐Ÿ™‚

And isn’t that pretty neat?

Love my readers, Nealie



Some School Notes From 18 Years Ago



I came across a “back and forth” notebook from when Lilly was in first grade. The teacher communicated with me by writing things in it and sending it home with Lilly. I’d read her notes, and reply back by adding my own. It was a great system.

As you all know, Lilly often got dirty, covered with food, and sometimes snot, lol! Here’s a note I wrote to the teacher on picture day:

“A Big P.S.ย  Please don’t turn in my $17 picture check if Lilly gets to be a mess before the picture! Send it home and I’ll take her to K-Mart.”

And, haha, we see how it went when I read the next entry: “Thank you for rescuing my check yesterday.” ๐Ÿ™‚

I used to send extra clothes to school, but they were clothes that were very hard to get off. Another note to the teacher about them:

“Here is Lilly’s second outfit. She told me that if she ever has to wear it she’ll throw up on it so she can take it off. She can make herself throw up, too.”

The teacher wrote back: “Thanks for the warning. She has all kinds of talents, huh?”

Another entry from me:

Hi (Teacher), Lots of downers this weekend. Lilly was very hard to figure out. Saturday she tried to kick in her door and broke things. The little green glow stick prizes that she earned ended up (with green glow liquid) on the walls; she ate some, threw some in the toilet, etc. Sunday Lilly kicked and hit her Sunday School teacher and swore a blue streak. She hid under a big table there and cut five fingers on a piece of metal under it. Then last night Lilly threw a waste basket, spit at me, and tried to bite me twice. Sooo…I hope you have a great day! I need a break! :)”

That teacher understood me. I couldn’t worry about what happened at school. We all did our best, and I learned that while Lilly was away atย  school to enjoy my day and take a break from stress. I’ll post more another time.

By the way, Lilly is doing pretty good and is in a great residential facility.

Love my readers,