Chasing Lilly Audio Version

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Jul 282019

Some of you don’t realize that Chasing Lilly is available as an Amazon Audibles Audio Book!

Here’s the link to some incredible narration by voice Meg Dorsett:

You can listen to it free with an Audible trial.

-Nealie 🙂












Sitting in Limbo

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Jul 032019

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Lilly is in a government facility awaiting placement in a community, because her allotted time (what’s been approved) is up at the facility.

The problem is that she has been turned down by the only two currently available community choices for her, and she takes that a little personally! But she isn’t sad about it because she wants to stay where she is.

The reality is that this place IS the best place for her, and she LIKES it there. She gets to go places, swim, and have occasional parties. The staff there respect Lilly and treat her with dignity.

Why can’t she stay? Because it’s almost $600 a day, that’s why.

What happens next? I don’t know, except that the State has responsibility for her, and they can’t throw her out.

So for now, I’m smiling. 🙂

Have a safe and happy 4th of July,


Apr 012019

summer pictureChasing Lilly Readers,

You may not be aware that I have two Middle Grade Mystery books completed, and that’s no joke! Maybe you didn’t know that I have books for kids, and that includes a book about Dementia for children? Here are more Nealie Rose books that are available through Amazon:

(Please leave a review for me on Amazon. Good reviews are so helpful…I love my readers and appreciate you!)

The Portal in the Attic, Revel Street Mystery #1

The Skatepark Kidnapping, Revel Street Mystery #2

Grandpa When, a book about Dementia for elementary ages

Bella the Dancing Beetle, for elementary age kids who always try to please everyone

The Z Book (Pure silliness!)

Travis Woke Up His Father -A Week Early! (What happens when a hibernating bear family has a cub that wakes up too early?)

And don’t forget that Chasing Lilly is available on AUDIBLES, too!

There’s a basic Curriculum and Discussion Workbook to go with the college and university use of Chasing Lilly.

🙂 Nealie


Oct 262018


I celebrated Thanksgiving a month early this year, and the turkey was too big for the crock-pot. (Who does a turkey in a crock-pot?)

Zip-ties to the rescue, along with some rocks. I had no intention of taking a picture (or blogging) when I started the turkey project this morning, but it was too weird to ignore.

And that’s what self-care sometimes looks like. Not like the zip-strips and rocks, but like weird.

I’m not doing the traditional Thanksgiving this year. I need a break from all the family drama. Not having anyone over. Not going to anyone’s house. Just staying home and being THANKFUL for some peace, lol!

Does self-care mean you don’t love others? No.

Does self care mean you are selfish? No.

It means you know when you can’t take any more without snapping, and so you do what you have to do to be sane.

I am sane. And I am thankful. And God is good. All the time.