Free Audibles of Chasing Lilly

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Jun 022018

Chasing-Lilly-BookFor the first five readers who respond/comment to this post, I will email a code so you can listen to Chasing Lilly’s Audible version. I’ll do a Face Book offer for another 5 codes, too, so check there if this doesn’t work out for you.

Note:  You need to be a member of Audibles to use the code, and it would be great if you left a review when you’ve finished the book. 🙂


Audibles Chasing Lilly

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May 252018

Bungy-jumping-nealie-rose-feels-like-this-yay!This is not me bungy-jumping, but I am almost happy enough to do it! Almost. 😀

Chasing Lilly is now in the Audibles format for those of you who listen to audio books.

And please don’t forget to leave a review if you love it. 🙂

Also, in case you missed it, I have a new website for Middle Graders (10-14) and a new mystery book, called The Portal in the Attic. This will be a series.

Love my readers, -Nealie

Sanity Quizzes

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May 042018

Hi Readers,

Psych Central is a website with free online quizzes for Sanity, Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, ADHD, Mania, Asperger’s, etc.

The quiz is right there, and you get scored after you take it. FREE.

Just wanted to pass this along!


Apr 062018

Hi Readers,

We see Lilly weekly, talk to her daily, and take aspirin in between. Just joking -life isn’t that bad, but it is more than interesting!

Lilly is our daughter -a heart adoption, and we love her so much. Eighteen years and counting.

Good things are happening, and some changes are coming to the blog.

It will be biweekly, with one week devoted to talking about all things Lilly. Two weeks later I’ll post a partial chapter from Chasing Lilly so that new readers to the site can get to know her. 🙂

My focus now is the Audibles book being completed, as well as you connecting with Lilly as much as possible. So many people can learn from her.