Dec 082017

Okay, four and a half year old Micah was getting his eyes checked. (He’s an interesting little grandson.)

There was a car, a truck, a boat, and a chair in the picture. Micah was asked which one does not belong. Which would you pick?

He answered the boat, because it sits on water, and the others don’t.

We need more creative thinkers, so yay, Micah! I sure hope he gets creative-thinking teachers checking his worksheets when he’s gets to school!

Nealie 😀


Nov 122017


Thanksgiving is around the corner, and I can’t decide whether I want to cook for twenty people or go to a Chinese buffet. I want great memories for our kids and grandkids, but do those memories have to be the warm, fuzzy, turkey dinner spread? There is nothing warm or fuzzy about cooking a turkey, to me, at least. It’s a nasty job getting it in the oven, and just as bad trying to figure out what to do with what’s left in the roaster afterward. (I heard that Martha Stewart spray-paints the turkey skeleton shiny gold and uses it for a Christmas card holder.)

The clean-up . . . I remember reading about early pioneers sometimes only having one tin cup for the entire family to share. Now that would make dinner clean-up easier. We’ve got every size sippie cup, glass, and coffee cup imaginable. I just had Bruce take down a cupboard door so I could paint it, and was stunned by all the cups we have to choose from. How did we get from one tin cup to this? I think I better get that door back on fast.

Bruce is worried I’ll kill myself with all the work, so he’s for the Chinese buffet. I can’t decide! Votes, anyone?

But I am thankful for ALL God’s blessings, even if I have too many of some of them! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Nealie 🙂

Lesson from the Spider

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Sep 212017

I went to the sink and was surprised to see that a spider had crafted a web over part of the sink bowl, like it now belonged to HIM. I don’t know how he pulled that off.

When you make up your mind to love and stick with a traumatized child, behaviors they throw at you are like that spider’s web. The child may surprise and shock you with their sheer craftiness and obstinacy. Beware, though, of becoming entangled in the web of their antics . That happens so easily when our emotions and tempers explode. I know! Remember when my halo  cracked?

Another word to whoever will listen. My love may not demonstrate like your love, or the love that is politcally correct. Take care of yourself . . .and never stop loving.