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Chasing Lilly is Nealie Rose’s ground-breaking book about her adventures with a severely troubled child affected by emotional and physical trauma. Nealie Rose has also written an accompanying book, Chasing Lilly Curriculum and Discussion Workbook.

Nealie is excited to announce that she has just finished book one of a series for middle graders (5-8th)! REVEL STREET, The Attic Passage is a murder mystery that gets a little hair-raising. For parents who want to know, “Nancy Drew meets the Hardy Boys in 2018” would sum it up. Right now the website and cover are being designed, and the book will soon be available in Kindle and paperback. The second in the series, The Skatepark Kidnapping, will be out later this year.

 Other books for children by Nealie Rose:

Grandpa WhenGrandpa When children's book addresses dementia in a sensitive way, using unusual character names to soften the conversation about Grandpa When, who doesn’t always remember. A book for all ages.

ENDEVR  featured the book in a guest blog on Dementia.



The ZBook children's book by Nealie Rose


The ZBook is about a zany kitten named Dunkin’, and it introduces a whole new Z language. Fun!






Bella the Dancing Beetle is a book for all ages about setting boundaries when it comes to trying to please people. Talented Bella is inundated with requests from friends and family to dance, but she discovers that you just can’t please everybody.




Cover of TravisTravis Woke Up His Father –a WEEK EARLY!   

Oh, no! A nut falls through the roof of the Bear family’s hibernation cave, lands on Travis Bear’s head, and wakes him up. He looks at his sleeping parents and wonders which one he should rouse. Travis chooses Father Bear, only to be told that it was a week too early for him to wake up! A comical ending makes this a book that small children will want to hear over and over.







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