Sep 252017

Yesterday I was inside and heard voices in my side yard. I went out onto the deck and watched as five young kids piled leaves from a maple tree in a big heap. One of them had a rake. I stepped forward and showed myself and said, “Hi! Whatcha doing?”

Startled, the oldest boy said, “Uh, we are taking your leaves . . . Is that okay?”

“Why do you want my leaves?”

Another boy answered, “Well, we don’t have any in our yard. We want to make a big pile to jump in!”

They seemed embarrassed, but I thought it was wonderful. “Hey, I’ll get you giant bags and another rake!” I hurried to get them. (What luck!)

I wonder what the parents thought when a truck-load of leaves appeared in their yard, right, lol?

-Nealie 😆


  2 Responses to “Our Leaves were Stolen”

  1. You didn’t even have to search for someone to clean them up for you. The Scripture that pops into my mind about this is:
    Blessings will chase you down and overtake you!

    I love when blessings chase us down and overtake us! This sure put a smile on my face this morning! Thank you!

    • Thanks, Crystal. Nice to know not all kids are watching their devices. Some are actually out making things happen!

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