Nov 202016

160211_0002I’ve always told any kids riding in my car that I have an eject button, and will use it if they act up. The belief that I actually have an eject button eventually comes to an end. That happened today for Travis.

I was driving grandsons Tommy and Travis, ages 7 & 8, to a birthday party, and they were not being the quiet little travelers that I needed. I gave them a few admonishments to settle down and knock it off, etc. Finally I said, “Travis, if you don’t settle down in my car, I’m pressing the eject button!”

Things became quiet  for a second, then he challenged, “You don’t really have an eject button.”

I shot back, “You’re right, but I can pull over, stop the car, and toss you in a ditch!”

So we’ve now moved on from the eject button, to threat of harm and desertion. For all of you that have me on a pedestal, I hope knowing this helps.

Have a great Thanksgiving! 😛 Nealie

  8 Responses to “The Eject Button”

  1. LOVE THIS!!!

  2. You are a hoot, Nealie Rose!! Have a great Thanksgiving! I am thankful to call you my friend!!

  3. I think I remember hearing this threat. 🙂

  4. I think you have to reset that eject button once it’s been used. Sorry to hear you didn’t get the car into the shop in time.

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