Aug 142014

love-tell-kids-you-love-them When you look at your children or grandchildren, what do you see? Not  how  their hair is fixed, or what cute clothes they have on . . . what do you see on  the inside? Do you see courage, kindness, leadership potential? Do you see  honesty, loyalty, or faithfulness? I’m here to tell you -don’t keep it to yourself!

They don’t need to hear how pretty or adorable they look all the time.  They  need to hear that you see qualities in them that are more important.

-Nealie  💡

  One Response to “What do you see?”

  1. Nealie,

    I loved reading this! It is so important to focus on building our children up with the things that matter most in life. You have a way with words that makes everything so matter of fact and sweet… I love it! Thank you for sharing what is in You:)*

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