May 152015

My seven-year-old grandson’s eyes were glued to his car window as we drove down the country road.

He suddenly pointed, “See that field? I fought a battle there once.”

“Oh, you did?” I glanced over at the grassy area alongside us.

“Yes,” he replied, and said nothing more.

I think that in his imagination, he really had fought a battle there.

It made me think of how many battles in my mind that I had fought.

I am frequently asked what kept me going when Lilly lived with us, and to be perfectly honest, it was my strong faith in God. I knew He had purposed for her to be with us, and that He would help us along the way.

I never questioned that. What I questioned was my ability, patience, the toll it might take, and when would I be done fighting the battle for her.

News flash . . . Still fighting, and I can say it with a smile. I have learned that some battles are for life, but the peace of God is the best victory, and that is something that I have.  ➡ Nealie




  4 Responses to “What Kept Me Going”

  1. Things are possible and do-able when we know they are God assigned. Old age included.

  2. Always good to hear the positive side of fighting the battle knowing with God we find the victory. Even if it is a Day to day victory!

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