40 Pounds

40 poundsI was at the store today to purchase kitty litter and decided on buying a bigger box to save money. Or rather, a heavier box, as litter comes by weight. As I went to pick up the not-so-big box from the shelf, I was surprised how heavy it was. Then I saw the 40 pound label.

Normally, I can easily lift something larger that weighs forty pounds, so I was surprised how difficult it was to pick up that small box. It was like lifting a forty pound rock, because the weight wasn’t spread out.

Aha, I thought. That’s what parenting all by yourself is like. Or parenting a special needs child, or parenting many children. It can be very heavy load if it isn’t spread out with breaks and support.

I had a nice man carry my rock to the car for me. Do you know someone who could use some help carrying a heavy weight? ┬á ­čÖé ┬áNealie