A Brainless Zucchini

zucchiniI’ve made 24 loaves of zucchini bread, because my garden kept spitting out zucchini, and you don’t want to waste it, you know? (I have always said that one zucchini plant would feed the world.)

But I have other thoughts, along with not wanting to waste food. Like, why do I allow a brainless zucchini to tell me how I’m going to spend my day? It says, “Here I am, and you need to make me into something, because I am here.”

When Bruce brought in yet another giant, green beast that needed made into something, I told him that I was DONE with the zucchini bread.

He looked at me with shock. (I know, such a rebel. 🙂 )

I don’t always answer the phone when it rings, because why should that order me to stop reading to a grandchild, right in the middle of a book?

When I hear the mailman drop mail into my box, I resist the urge to jump up and get it. (Who hasn’t visited with people who stop conversations to go get their mail?)

You buy a new pair of tennis shoes, or Nike’s, because the old ones are worn out, and your feet hurt. But, you don’t want to wear them to mow the lawn, because they will get messed up. So, your feet ache as you mow in your old shoes.

There will always be another pair of tennis shoes. Why do we allow “things” to dictate our lives, whether it be tennis shoes or vegetables?

I’m done. 😉 Love my readers, Nealie


  1. Sherree says:

    We only received 5 zucchini’ from our garden out of 3 plants this year. Me and hubby have yearly played reverse trick or treat with the neighborhood. We would go around with a big basket of zucchini, letting them take all they wanted. I was only able to share with my daughter this year and it made me sad.

    • NealieRose says:

      Hi Sherree, I guess one zucchini plant doesn’t feed the world, like I thought.I like the Halloween idea. Nealie

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