A Few Things to Try with an Anxious Child

Sometimes a child’s anxiety comes out in ways that mask what’s really going on. Maybe he or she is crying over something seemingly unimportant, or he is extra irritable and acting out. It could be that you are seeing those things because he is anxious about something.

Try to pin-point when the anxiety first began. What happened around that time? Was he exposed to new people? Alone with someone who could have hurt or scared him? That’s thinking the worst, but go from there to exploring a possible school bully, trouble learning a subject in school, maybe a dog in the neighborhood that makes him want to stay inside.

Kids sometimes do not want to say why they are anxious or afraid, or maybe they couldn’t put a finger on it if you asked them.

Try to make one-on-one time where things are calm and quiet, and play with the child and see if you can eventually get him to open up. Consider seeing a physician to explore other possibilities if the answers do not come. Also, Play Therapy has helped many children.

Let your child know that you are there to listen to them and protect them, and that they can come to you. Keep your antennas up, but don’t allow yourself to become anxious as well, because that will make matters worse.  💡  -Nealie