A Job Opportunity for Lilly

Hi Readers!

I recently toured a place that employs people with special needs, and they agreed to take Lilly!

What would she be doing? This place is a little thrift shop where toys, furniture, appliances, and clothes are sold. It has garage bays in the back, where DD employees clean, fix, and paint things that were donated. Someone puts price tags on items, and another person runs a cash register.

I was impressed, not with the cleanliness, (because it was kinda messy), but with the laughter and general activity going on there. They also had a room designated as a “sensory room,” for when someone needs to chill out before acting out.

I wondered if this might work out for Lilly? I also wondered if she would literally trash the place if she ever got mad enough. She could.

We who parent kids from places of deep trauma have to be ever hopeful, but not too disapointed if things don’t work out for our kids.

While we were there, Lilly begged me to buy a strange metal decoration. She said, “MOM! Look at this! I LOVE it! Please, please, can you get it for my room?”

“Lilly, you have some of your own money, and if you want that thing, you’ll have to use your own money.”

I got a little glare from her before she returned it to where she found it.

A couple minutes later Lilly was paying for a pair of platform shoes with her own money, lol, and she never ran that purchase by me! I don’t know how much she will make at her first real job, but I know she will spend most of her paycheck there. 🙂







    • NealieRose says:

      She would do everything in high heels if she could, lol! They tend to slow you down when running away, though!

  1. Yeah Lily!!! What a great opportunity! I hope for the best for her and pray she continues to strive and thrive. And you go Lily..platform high heels..I cant even walk in them lol!

    • NealieRose says:

      Me either, Kendra. They will definitely slow her down, and that’s a good thing if she is out the door. Hope she stays put, though. 🙂

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