A New Move

When we moved to a new house, Lilly wanted to visit as soon as possible to check it out. She wanted to make sure certain things were still in place.

Things like Bruce and I. And where are the pets -Dunkin’, Noodles, and Moses? Never mind about one single piece of furniture or decoration. Lilly needed to know that all that lived and breathed were fine.

Then she was okay.

She had it right, you know. Sometimes we get the things that don’t live and breathe ahead of what matters.

Love my readers, Nealiecats



  1. Diane lemyre says:

    Your blog page here is the best as you write thought provoking ideas in a few words.
    Love it, Diane L.

  2. Sherree RUMMER says:

    Love the picture of your cats!
    Lilly seems to of always been more fascinated with life in general. I just purchased your book and am enjoying every chapter. It has made me both cry and burst out laughing. I don’t ever recall reading a book written by an author that ever touched my emotions so strongly.
    What Lilly did with her new-found beetle (that led her to the ER) made my jaw drop.

    • NealieRose says:

      Thanks, Sherree, for the positive review! And I still get a shiver when I think about the beetle thing…LOL! Nealie

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