Needing Some Encouragement?


I have a pretty container that is filled with slips of paper in all shapes and sizes. On those pieces of paper are things that I don’t ever want to forget. Things like the time God answered a specific prayer in a specific way, so that I knew that there was no “coincidence.”

Whenever I am going through a tough spot in life, and I think What’s the use?, I go to that box and place it on my bed and open it and read what is written on slip after slip of paper. I gain strength from remembering how good God has been -and continues to be.

Begin remembering today. Write the good things down -the things that you are thankful for. Keep adding to it, and you will find that when you are in need of some encouragement you can open it and remember . . . the things you should never forget!   🙄  -Nealie

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  1. sherree rummer says:

    How could the Israelites go through the desert and forget that God had parted the Red Sea for them???? Somehow when things aren’t going right, no matter how big the miracles of the past, we do forget. YES, we should write them down. Very good advice Nealie!

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