Absolutely Ridiculous

Sometimes the ridiculous is just what we need to loosen up and laugh. Once I fed some dog treats to Bruce, thinking that they were beef jerky. Oh Yeah. (In retrospect, what could I expect for only twenty five cents a treat?)

This tongue twister is way too crazy for adults.

I am in love with THE ZBOOK, which will be available for downloading as an ebook very soon. There is an ornery character in this story, and his name is Dunkin’ (or rather, Zunkin’).

Dunkin’ is named after my big orange kitten, and he will make your kids happy using their imaginations and voices.

Ari Kuzmik is the talented artist, and only 9 years old. I suspect you’ll see more of her art work down the road.

While I am waiting for Chasing Lilly to be published, I’m putting my creative energy to work with these kid’s books. Check back soon for more details!