Hospital Conversations


Cat in Seed Beads, by Ari Kuzmik


I chose this cat picture pecause it’s kind of wacky, just like many of my conversations with Lilly! Lilly sometimes goes to the hospital for a stay related to her mental health, and to get her settled down following a bad time.

What I love about Lilly is how she can make me laugh. The following are all hospital-related conversations:

“Mom, all my life I been fighting back. If someone hit me, I hit him back. When I got to your house, you taught me better than that. But I don’t listen. I don’t know why I don’t listen. I want to defend myself. Guess what this man taught me at the hospital?”

I’m alarmed and ask, “What?”

She answers, “Rummy.”

Rummy? Suddenly I can’t stop laughing.



Lilly called me from one hospital and said,

“They got some good activities here. They have these vending machines. A pop machine. A snack machine.”

I asked, “Lilly, is the vending machine the activity?”

Now she can’t stop laughing. 🙂



On a hospital trip to see Lilly, we often play cards while we talk. She’s a good card player.  It’s hard getting things past her and beating her can be a challenge, which doesn’t seem to mesh with her elementary handwriting and reading.

During one Old Maid game, she knew I had the Old Maid and that I desperately wanted to be rid of it. It was her turn to draw one of my last two cards, and she picked the right card, leaving me with the Old Maid. I said, “Rats!”

Lilly giggled and replied, “Nice try, Homey.”



Lilly called me and said, “Mom, I’m just keeping it 100 with you. This place is messed up.”


😀 Love my readers, Nealie


  1. Sherree Rummer says:

    You think playing rummy might be a good way of fighting back without hurting the other person? I can hear Lilly now, “OK you hit me, so now I’m going to hit you back with this deck of cards and beat you at a game of rummy. Lol!

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