CokeI love teaching moments with children. That time when you know something clicked with them. In Chasing Lilly, I tell about my problem with Lilly sneaking a drink from my glass of Coke every time I left the room. It was maddening! I could not catch her. (When your glass is almost empty, and you didn’t drink it, then something is up!)

I warned her to leave it alone to no avail, so one day I got an idea. I poured ice cubes, water, and lots of soy sauce into my glass. It looked just like Coke. After adding a straw, I left the room and waited around the corner.

It didn’t take long to hear coughing and sputtering!

I appeared, giggling, and she realized that I had caught her. There were only seven thousand more lessons to teach, but that was a fun one.

Parents, if you think about some of the issues that you have in your home, is there a way to teach that may work better than many words?                                                                                        💡 Nealie


    • NealieRose says:

      Thank you, John. You have to know the kid before you plan something like this, and I knew Lilly! 🙂

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