Back Seat Craziness

Another conversation from the back seat: (Two grandsons, Tommy and Travis, ages 6 and 7.)

Tommy began to picture-read a book out loud because he cannot read many words yet.

Travis:  Can you please read to yourself?

Tommy:  No, I can’t.

Travis:  Read in your head and keep your mouth closed.

Tommy:  I can’t do that. (He continued to talk the book.)

Travis:  Close your mouth, Tommy, and look at the pictures.

Tommy: (Oblivious) See this guy? He has a green shirt. Do you know who he is?

Travis: TOMMY!

Tommy: What?


Me:  Okay, let’s settle down and quit the fighting.

Tommy:  Travis sat on my head yesterday.

Travis:  We were wrestling.

Tommy:  You sat on my head ten times.

Travis:  We were playing.

Tommy:  See this guy with the green shirt? Do you know who he is?

(Haha! 😀 This has been my life lately!) Nealie






  1. Artie says:

    I am jealous of all your craziness! Life is so good when your babies are young. That includes grand babies too! Enjoy your craziness!

  2. Kelly says:

    How hilarious! Love it. You must be having a blast watching those grandkids. Keep those conversations coming 🙂

  3. sarah storey says:

    LOL I LOVE IT!!!! Love how tommy isn’t phased by travis. And so glad it was only 10 times his head was sat on.

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