Back to School Anxieties Intensified

This was written by Wendy Tracy, Executive Director of Pathway. Your generous gifts will continue to mean the world to young people.

“Do you remember that awful, sick feeling you had some days before school?  The fear of being rejected? The pressure to fit in?

Now  imagine if this sick feeling followed you unabated every day. Imagine feeling as if the school walls were caving in around you. Imagine yet another day of sitting alone in the cafeteria.

For the foster and adoptive boys and girls we see at Pathway Caring for Children -many of whom suffer the effects of neglect, abuse, and abandonment -going back to school can intensify feelings of anxiety and failure.

Students facing challenges such as developmental delays, peer problems and behavioral issues find the support they need from our professional staff.  We encourage positive feelings through group therapy programs that help children grow. Here is a typical week at Pathway:

Monday -Pathway teens learn independent living skills such as cooking, discussing career topics and more.

Tuesday -Pathway teens and children learn courage, discipline, and respect through martial arts instruction.

Wednesday -Children learn the art of music and dance to connect with their emotions. 

Thursday -Participants in our girls reading group discuss characters and share ideas and feelings on selected books.” 

On behalf of these boys and girls, thank you!  <3 Nealie