Beads of Frustration

One story I remember about Lilly was when I bought a big bag of colorful beads for her to string. I made sure that there were large enough openings in them for thick string.

Cat in Seed Beads by Ari Kuzmik
Cat in Seed Beads, by Ari Kuzmik

I soon found out that Lilly didn’t have the patience or manual dexterity to string them.

She threw the whole bag and a thousand of beads went everywhere. There’s just nothing like having beads underfoot for about a week.

Sometimes our glorious expectations do not match reality. That’s when it’s time for something in-between, like lowered expectations.

A success may be small in another’s eyes. But a success is a victory, however small.

Lay out for your children things that help them grow, but keep in mind their abilities. It’s okay for them to fail, because that builds character and resiliency, but start with one bead and build from there!    😉 -Nealie

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