A friend told me that the average person’s heart beats 3,027,456,000 times in their life. She asked what emotions would increase their heart-beats, possibly using them up faster. Interesting! So I had to write:


I come home from a long day and bend down to pet the dog.  He licks me back in greeting. My heart beats faster.

My child runs into the room shouting, “Mommy!” and I sweep her up in my arms and kiss her dimpled cheek. My heart beats faster.

My husband comes from the kitchen with a green checkered towel on his arm and I hug him. My heart beats faster.

Once I have relaxed for a while and had stir-fry for dinner, I decide to call my best friend and catch up. She’s the best. My heart beats faster.

The next morning I rise before my family and grab my coffee. Curling into my favorite blue, over-stuffed chair, I raise my arms and worship my Father.

My heart beats faster.

When I get to work and find out that a co-worker left half of a  crusted doughnut and an empty cup on my desk, I choose to overlook it. My heart beats faster.

When my boss passes a choice assignment to that co-worker, I pray to my Father and tell Him that I will love her anyway. My heart beats faster.

On the way home, I see a man at the corner with a cardboard sign. I hand him three bills through my window. My heart beats faster.

My heart beats faster.

My heart beats faster.

Love never uses up my total heartbeats.

My heart beats faster, and I know that love . . .  always . . .  multiplies.



  1. Sarah Wank says:

    There are also health issues causing fast heartbeats. AFib and palpitations. But, it’s great to know I can have all this and still be healthy and living a long life. Here’s a wonderful promise that just came to me……”With long life will I satisfy you and show you my salvation”. Psa.92
    It’s wonderful to know we serve a God who can do the impossible……and cause us to live out all the days He has appointed to each one of us.

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