Billy Bass Gets A Makeover

Wow, It’s been a month since I posted here! What have I been doing? Making things fun for the kids and grandkids. We have an above ground pool, and we made a “changing room” for swimsuit dressing. I previously had Billy Bass in a bathroom, (much to Bruce’s chagrin -he doesn’t care much for him, lol), so I moved Billy Bass to a wall in the new room.

But not before he got a make-over! What do you think? More like a rainbow trout?

Humor can bring relief when things have been bad for a long while. I know the tenseness that can be in the air; the walking on eggshells around an explosive child. I know how it feels.

Do what you can to lighten up. For your own good. And remember, attitudes are contagious. It will rub off on others.

Billy Bass sings two songs. One says, “Take me to the river…throw me in the water,” and the other goes “Don’t worry; be happy…”

It’s difficult to keep a straight face when a fish sings funny songs while he’s looking you in the eye!