Can I Buy Your Stuff?

This summer, my daughter, Tori, and I had a garage sale. The way things make the rounds is really something, because I was selling a few items that I had purchased at a garage sale the summer before!

A lady in her early seventies stopped by our sale and picked up an assortment of stuff. As she was paying, she explained what would become of the items. She said she lived with her son and daughter-in-law, and she was going to hurry, “before they get home . . . and store this stuff in a building at the back of their property.”

Tori and I exchanged glances, because it was funny, and the woman knew it was funny, but who wants to laugh at a customer buying your junk?

Maybe we’ll see our stuff at her garage sale someday down the road and want to buy it back, you know, for nostalgia’s sake.

While we are talking about our stuff . . .

Someone told me about the man who made his wife swear to bury him with all his money. When he died, she slipped a small box into the casket before they closed the lid. Later, a close friend asked her what was in the box. The woman said  he made her promise that she would bury his money with him when he died. She decided that the best way to do that was to write a check, made out to him.

Things are meant to be used, shared, and given away. These things can make life easier, but they aren’t going with us when we die. Clean out, clear out, donate, or have a garage sale and spread some love. Someone might just want what you are getting rid of, and store it in a building at the back of their property. đŸ™‚

Love my readers,









  1. SHERREE says:

    Sometimes when i am shopping and come across something I think I would like to buy. I ask my self if I think the item could possibly end up in one of my garage sales. I ask myself how much i would ask for it and look at the price of how much I would presently have to pay. It has helped me to walk away from many things.

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