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Lilly and the Quarantine


Lilly has had a tougher time than most of the population during this virus chapter of our lives. She is in a facility where only the staff are allowed to come and go. The clients have not left their respective buildings (except to walk around the parking lot) since this all began.

And I am so proud of her! It’s been amazing, actually! Bruce and I sent her some things we purchased online to help the time go faster. Boredom has been the main issue, so we sent table games and DVD’s.

Other clients/peers are getting on her nerves. I get that…We are all experiencing a little (or a lot) of stir-crazy.

Daily phone calls help break things up, but there isn’t as much going on to talk about.We just started using DUO, a face-to-face on the phone. And cards and letters.

Here is a recent letter from Lilly, and I’ll type it for you:

hi Mom and dad

i Just wanted to say thank you For the 10.00 doller.s

that mines aLot to me.

And i miss you guys aLot.

you are the Best that i had.

i no we did Not see eye to eye But i still Love you guys.

Nothing beats getting a letter like that. I love the not seeing eye-to-eye comment…No kidding, lol!!

Stay healthy and safe. Love my readers,



Lilly’s Holiday Notes

We had a great Christmas holiday, and I wanted to share some inspiring things that Lilly wrote in a couple cards.

(I’ll interpret her handwriting below.)

The top note was written to me. Lilly says, “You raised me the best that you can…thank you…I know we had our differences but we still love each other.”   Boy, did we have our differences, lol, but isn’t that sweet?

The bottom note she wrote to a young relative and says, “Merry Christmas ________, God love you so much. you are so different in a good way…there is no one like you….go ahead and shine….you are so smart…don’t let anyone tell you different. Love you so much, Lilly.”

What’s happening in this note is that Lilly is pouring some good (that people have told her about herself) into this tween’s life! She is giving him a pep talk. How precious this is, and reminds me that what we say matters so much.

Love my Readers,