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Lilly is over the moon with NOODLES!

Last week, some of the fam were at a botanical park, and there was a gray and white kitten there.  He looked to be about four months old, and was thin and lethargic.  The little guy’s eyes never opened as he was passed from one adoring child to the next. 

I watched with growing concern as he didn’t seem to care, try to play, or react in any way.  I asked a garden care-taker if anyone

Noodles needing some TLC
Noodles needing some TLC

was giving him food or water, and she said no.  They were hoping “someone” would take him home.

You guessed it . . . our new cat’s name is Noodles, because he was like a limp noodle, but he is bouncing back and is doing better.  When the vet examined Noodles, she said he had some infected bite marks on the bridge of his nose.  Ouch, enough already!  (Lilly loves to hear about him, and got a peek.)

We can all be a “someone” who will make this world a better place.  There are children out there who need “someone” to step up and be a foster parent, a Big Brother or Sister, or donate money to a fostering charity.   💡 Nealie