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No April Fools

summer pictureChasing Lilly Readers,

You may not be aware that I have two Middle Grade Mystery books completed, and that’s no joke! Maybe you didn’t know that I have books for kids, and that includes a book about Dementia for children? Here are more Nealie Rose books that are available through Amazon:

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The Portal in the Attic, Revel Street Mystery #1

The Skatepark Kidnapping, Revel Street Mystery #2

Grandpa When, a book about Dementia for elementary ages

Bella the Dancing Beetle, for elementary age kids who always try to please everyone

The Z Book (Pure silliness!)

Travis Woke Up His Father -A Week Early! (What happens when a hibernating bear family has a cub that wakes up too early?)

And don’t forget that Chasing Lilly is available on AUDIBLES, too!

There’s a basic Curriculum and Discussion Workbook to go with the college and university use of Chasing Lilly.

🙂 Nealie


Who Speaks Z?

Just for New Year’s Day,I’m going to give you all a language lesson. Here we go!


I love you. Zi zove zou.

Have a happy day. Zave za zappy zay.

This is weird. Zis zis zeird.

This could be very funny. Zis zould ze zery zunny.

Helena, your name is really Zelena. Sarah, you are Zarah. Don is Zon, Donna is Zonna, Debbie is Zebbie!

Do you know anyone named Harold? Better not tell him he is really Zarold.

Test: Zis zis zoing zo ze za zery zood zear! (This is going to be a very good year!)

The ZBook. -Love my readers! -Nealie (Zealie)