Chase Me!

My grandson Tommy, has always loved being chased through the house when he comes over. It’s just a thing I do with the little ones. We go round and round through the rooms, and when I catch them, they get a big squeeze and then take off running again. They never seem to tire of the game, but I run out of energy after a while.

Tommy went through a phase where he would smile at me and say, “Chase me!”

When he would say that, I think that he wanted the affirmation that he was worth chasing, and he was valued. Of course, I had to chase him -even if it was only briefly.

*Lilly didn’t often want hugged, but if I followed her when she ran, then she knew that I valued her enough to go after her. Eventually she learned that I would always go after her, even if it meant enlisting the police to help me.

Kids need physical interactions with us. They need the hugs and the chases. They need to know that they are valued.  😯 Nealie

*Parts of Chasing Lilly are on Facebook at Author Nealie Rose.



  1. helena phillips says:

    I remember as a kid that we loved it when our parents entered into our games, whether ball games, even jumping rope, table games, or pretend games.

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