Chasing Lilly Workbook

Chasing Lilly Workbook

Chasing Lilly now has a Curriculum and Discussion Workbook available. It is designed for Kindle, but it will be available in print form soon, and so will Chasing Lilly! I’m working on it. 🙂

If you are in college or know a prof, please tell him or her about this, because it would be a great study for future teachers, counselors, therapists, etc.

Thank you SO MUCH for all the support and love, Nealie



  1. Diane Lemyre says:

    This is going to meet a great need within education to further advance the knowledge that is needed to understand children with severe special needs. I think the format you have chosen will be a wonderful way for grade level teachers and staff to get together and go through this curriculum and discussion!

    There is so much to understand and this is a fresh new way I have not seen before! I have worked inside every grade level in special education students in the public school and will be sharing this exciting new resource!
    Diane Lemyre

    • NealieRose says:

      Thank you, Diane. I hope it gets people thinking and talking and more aware of what teachers like you go through, and need to have success.

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