Do I hear Glass Breaking?

Maybe we have too many things, because when something happens to one thing, it can often be easily replaced by another. Is that the reason I can usually stay calm when I hear glass breaking at my house?

I remember when Bruce gave a set of flowered dishes to me for my birthday. There were eight place settings, and I was crazy about them.

Joy was about 16, and she was doing dishes one evening just a few weeks later. In a hurry, she tried to lift a stack of new dinner plates up and onto the cupboard shelf, but they slid over her head and onto the floor.

I was in another room when I heard things shattering and hurried into the kitchen. The remains of five of the new plates were everywhere.

That was kind of a dry run, getting ready for Lilly Angel, who hadn’t yet come into our family, haha!

Things continue to get broken. Just this week, a grandson accidentally broke my special iced tea glass. Two days later, a granddaughter broke a plate that was on the wall. Both times, I could have cared less, except that someone might step on broken glass.

Broken items can be replaced with something similar, but beyond that, we need to remember that there is no heart beating in those things, and they can’t smile back. 🙂 Nealie


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