Driving the Bitter Bus

Lilly called me the other day and she was yelling so loud that Bruce could overhear her say, “I didn’t make my level, so I don’t care anymore. I’m gonna make life hell for staff, hell for the doctor, -everyone! I don’t care if I go back to jail. I want to go to jail, because it’s better than this place!” (Not true!)

After the call, which ended as soon as Lilly made her announcements, Bruce said, “She’s driving the Bitter Bus again.”

I’d never heard that term before. He said a former employee said that when someone was angry or on the rampage about a supposed unfairness. The guy would say, “So and So is driving the Bitter Bus. Anyone else jumping on board?”

If that’s the case, Lilly has been on and off that bus almost weekly her whole life. I was reading Chasing Lilly today, and what she told me on the phone is so similar to things she’s always said. (I’m reading Chasing Lilly because it’s a great book, lol!)

I’m telling you this, wondering if we could use the mental picture of a Bitter Bus to engage Lilly, and help her grow some more by seeing what she’s doing. When she boards that bus she misses out on enjoying life. Every now and then we have a breakthrough. Who knows? Maybe it will be that bus!

And if YOU are driving the Bitter Bus, stop and get off, because it literally takes you nowhere.

Easter Blessings,




  1. Kendra McKenzie says:

    I guess we are all guilty of driving the bitter bus at some point it’s just a matter of how long you want to ride. I know for me I get motion sick so I want off as soon as possible!!!
    Praying Lilly gets off the bus soon!
    Blessings and Love

    • NealieRose says:

      Hi Kendra, Yes, you’re right about how long the trip could be. And the motion sickness is funny the way you put it. Thank you!:)

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