Happy Chaos

Two scarecrows

Over Thanksgiving holiday the grandkids drew pictures, did crafts, and ran up and down the stairs a thousand times. Here are a couple highlights:

Tommy drew a picture. I wasn’t in the room at the time, but I overheard his mother ask him, “I see the car. Who are these people?”

“They are two scarecrows and their car.”

“That would be very scary driving, because their heads would be stuffed with straw,” she said.

I tried to picture it. Hey, that would be blonde drivers…


That same weekend, Tommy and Travis were here, in their p.j. bottoms and no shirts, running all over the house. They wanted to go to the Lego store to spend their money.

Tommy asked, “When are we going?”

I said, “I’m not taking two dirt-bags anywhere.”

Tommy started to laugh and said, “That’s funny!”

Travis stared at him. “She’s talking about us, Tommy.”


I can’t handle chaos everyday, but happy chaos can be wonderful.

For a limited time, lol!







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