He Fell Over Backward

Yep, that’s what happens when you put too many things in your book bag.

This past week, a stone-faced little guy informed me that, “Once, I fell over backward when I was wearing my back pack.”

“You mean, you actually fell over backwards?”

“Yeah. There was ten pounds of books in my back pack, and I fell backward and couldn’t get up. I guess my knees got weak.”

How many times had I, as the parent of Lilly, fallen backward with a load like that? Flat on my back, pulled down by the  weight  of exhaustion, inability, and temporary hopelessness?

Any parent experiences setbacks and discouragement at times, but those who care for special-needs children often feel like they are in a struggle just to stand up at all.

I don’t know who helped this little fellow get up from the heavy weight  in his bag, but I know the people who helped me. If you were one of them, thank you! -Nealie