I Am the Quing

Queen is queenWans upon a time there was quing. She was a nice quing. She helped eveyone. She was verey nice. Afer a fyoo days a Prins shode up and the Prins and the quing got marred. the end.

Travis gifted me with this lovely work. It is so wonderful to me. Love the part about getting marred. I will not correct spelling in a heartfelt gift. After all, I am the Quing, and it will be as I wish! -Nealie


  1. Sam says:

    I love how children come up with how words should be spelled sometimes. It’s not only adorable in their own way, but it can also show us another part of the story. A part that is about imagination, fantasy, and happy endings.

  2. SHERREE says:

    Always so jealous of the beautiful art you get from your Grandchildren. What a treasure to have a story with it. Save your Grandchildren and children’s art. It is precious.

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