I Just Have to Say This

Gram and I

I haven’t been doing this blog very long, and I want to say how much all of your great comments and support has meant!

Here is my biggest fan, my Gram, who is 98. She reads all my posts and has interesting comments. Thank you, Gram, and everyone who is subscribing!


This week I am working on finishing up a short curriculum to go along with Chasing Lilly. If any of you have ideas about what you think would (or should) go into that, please let me know in your comments. The curriculum will be used alongside the book for college students studying Intervention Specialties (Special Education), or any  variety of social services areas. It can also be used by people taking classes for fostering and adoption. Please feel free to give me some input.  😉 Nealie


  1. Artie says:

    Good to see your Gram! I remember her back in X-ray school. Always pleasant Mrs. Phillips! Wow! That was a looooong time ago!

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